Workstation Problems

These things need to be diagnosed.

Enlightenment cores at startup

I currently prefer to use Enlightenment as my window manager. At one point, I began to have a problem on my laptop where Enlightenment would core dump at startup some of the time. It was one of those annoying problems I knew I should diagnose, but never got around to it because of the amount of effort involved.

Then one day, it started happening on my desktop. I noticed this right after I had configured xdm for that machine. I haven't taken any time to confirm that, but I am guessing that there must be some kind of conflict between xdm and Enlightenment, or that Enlightenment does not like the way the X server behaves when it has been initialized already.

Update: After much ado, I sort of figured out how to change the command-line that Gnome uses to start Enlightenment, and got it to use ktrace when starting it. Unfortunately, I can see where the SIGSEGV occurs, but I don' think I can tell where in the code it was when it happened. I wish it would just dump a core file then.

Well, let's see here ...

xscreensaver doesn't start