In June of 2007, I visited Russia with a group of friends. Here are some of the photos from the trip.

The Guys
I went on this trip with Pavel, Wade, Jim, and Rex.
Stuff in St. Petersburg
Here are a bunch of photos taken in St. Petersburg. Many are of architectural subjects, since St. Petersburg is full of such things. There are also several photos taken from the river between 11pm and midnight.
Stuff in Novgorod
Here are a few photos from Novgorod, the oldest city in Russia.
Stuff in Moscow
Moscow is quite a cosmopolitan and modern city. Some of these photos are of architectural and historical items, but many of the photos I took are more typical of a large city.
Our Tour Group
Here are some of the people in our tour group.
Yana and her Children
Pavel's cousin Yana lives in Moscow and has two children, Stanislov and Stefania. We met up with them at Gorky Park.
Osaka is a young girl we met outside the metro station at Arbatskaya Street. As her nickname implies, she is into all things Japanese, including anime and sushi. She is studying to be a pharmacist, which is what the lab coat is all about. She hung out with us and became our tour guide for a couple hours.
Julia and Olya
Julia is a girl I met at a nightclub in Moscow. Olya is a friend of hers. I really have no idea where we were when I took these photos.
A few other photos, not easily categorized.
Russian Girls
One thing about Russia is that it is teeming with gorgeous girls. These photos represent just a small fraction of the attractive women I saw. I realize that these photographs are horribly unprofessional, but they should give you an idea of what it is like to walk around the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
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