Photography by Michael Pearce

I have been interested in photography since I was young. I first got serious about it in high school, and I've been actively pursuing it as a hobby and sometimes a profession for nearly twenty years. If I had unlimited money and time, I think this is what I would do with my life.

My photography basically falls into two categories: still life and women. I enjoy photographing everyday things to bring attention to the things we ignore. Everything has a history and a story. I enjoy photographing women for the obvious reasons, but I seem to have a particular talent for posing people who do not know how to pose themselves.

My Filmmaking Site
A site for my filmmaking efforts, including a list of films I have worked on and links to online video.
My Online Photography Portfolio
This is what passes for my professional portfolio. There was a time when I was really proud of this. However, the more of other people's work I see, the more I identify room for improvement in my own work. My model photography screams for better settings, and it could really do with better lighting technique. My still life photography has really improved lately, but I am missing that unique thing that actually sells photography.
My Personal Gallery
My personal gallery is just that: photographs of personal significance to me. Family, friends, events in my life. There are also photos of myself. In many cases, the technical quality of these photographs is severely lacking, but that's okay.