RFC Listing

I had great plans for this index, but you know how spare time is. A much better way to find what you are looking for is to check the RFC Index put together by the IETF's RFC Editor.


It seems that I spend my life dealing with mail. I need to get references in here regarding SMTP, ESMTP, LMTP, POP3, IMAP ... Some of the authentication schemes that exist, etc.


As the one time "DNS Queen", I had a whole list of RFCs that I referred to frequently. I've forgotten what they all are, but now and then I am asked to give my opinion on some obscure detail. I need to build this list up for quick reference later.


I used to do a lot of work with DHCP, including the development of a DHCP load tester. Here is where I need to itemize the various DHCP documents.


VPN, Tunneling, Encryption

Security, Authentication